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See revenue and cost trends with job insights

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Shared by Cam • October 17, 2023

Job insights give you a visual representation of your most important revenue metrics that help you easily understand how your one-off jobs are performing, identify opportunities to boost profitability, and uncover any potential issues early on.

One-off job projections: See how much revenue to expect and how many jobs are scheduled in the next 30 days so you can plan ahead and make adjustments if needed.

One-off job trends: See a historical 6-month view of your revenue and number of scheduled jobs. If you have job costing, you will see a revenue vs. cost comparison over time and a monthly breakdown of your costs and profit.

To learn more about job insights, visit our Help Center.

Job insights is available on Core, Connect, and Grow plans.
Job costing is available on the Grow plan.